Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Solution21's New Reputation Management System Empowers Dental and Medical Practices to Build Positive and Accurate Online Reputation

Medical and Dental practices gain insights into patient experience and feedback with Solution21’s new and easy-to-use reputation management platform.

Solution21 Reputation Management  Dental and Medical
IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, March 2015— Solution21, Inc., a leader in Dental and Medical Custom Website Design and New Patient Lead Generation, announced recently the availability of Reputation Management System, an easy-to-use reputation management platform designed for dental and medical practices. Solution21’s new online management platform empowers dental and medical practices to take full control of their online reputation and proactively engage patients for valuable actionable insights.

“Every dental and medical practitioner understands that patient feedback is critical to a practice’s success, especially in this age of online reviews and social media when everything is amplified online,” said Fred Parvini, CEO and Co-Founder of Solution21. “Solution21’s Reputation Management System platform gives dental and medical practices a simple tool to proactively manage their reputation, drive patient satisfaction, receive real-time alerts and respond quickly.”

Solution21’s Reputation Management System enables dentists and doctors to proactively seek patient feedback and receive them in one place. The platform provides actionable insights as so what drives patient satisfaction and prioritize operational improvements for better patient experience.
 “Solution21’s Reputation Management System platform is easy to use and strategically integrates with dental or medical website,” said Sid Marashi, VP for Operations at Solution21. “The new reputation management platform is designed to make the complicated and time-consuming reputation management process much simpler, more streamlined and accurate.”

Solution21’s Reputation Management System also makes it easy for patients to leave reviews, providing practices more accurate insights regarding services from a patient’s perspective. The platform encourages customer feedback right within the office, allowing practices to quickly identify, prioritize and address customer issues and operational improvements to enhance patient experience before it escalates and gets posted on various online reviews. 

Effectively managing and improving online reputations is a critical component of marketing strategies of dental and medical practices. Solution21’s Reputation Management System allows for customized, effective responses to reviews, helping practices connect with their patients, build stronger and positive online presence.

For more information on Reputation Management System, call (888) 423-9235.

About Solution21
Solution21, founded in 2003, is a leading digital media company that provides complete online presence for dental and medical practices. Solution21 key services, such as Custom Dental Website Design, Custom Medical Website Design, Patient Appointment System, Dental SEO, Medical SEO, Google AdWords and Marketing, help dental and medical practices manage their business and reputation, generate new patients and retain existing patients. The company’s commitment to maximizing dental and medical practices online presence makes Solution21 a leading industry partner.

Solution21 is headquartered Irvine, California. For more information, visit www.solution21.com

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Top 5 New Year's Resolutions for Your Dental or Medical Practice

Solution21 Dental and Medical Website Design & Marketing
It’s New Year and it's time to commit to new new things to promote your dental or medical practice or improve your online presence. To help you get a headstart this new year, here's Solution21's 5 great ideas for New Year’s resolutions you might want to consider to help increase the number of dental or medical patients on your roll.

Get a New Responsive Website to Capture New Generation of Patients
Redesigning your dental or medical practice site to a responsive website can help boost your practice reputation and increase traffic to your site. Your practice website is the first point-of-contact for your potential patients. A responsive website produce new patients, who use smartphones and other devices to choose their dentist or doctors. Solution21 delivers Responsive Dental Website Design and Responsive Medical Website Design  incorporates best web design practices and current technologies that search engines love and patients respond to.

Engage in Social Media to Increase Number of Patients
If you hesitated or did not do much with social media in 2014, now is the time to jump in and embrace social media like the life of your practice depends on it. If you haven't heard already, social media is the new word of mouth and helps increase the number of dental or medical patients that pick up the phone and call for an appointment. Add new social media channels to increase your visibility online. If you need help with your social media strategy, tap on the expertise of dental and medical Social Media Management (SMM) experts, such as Solution21.

Invest in a Patient Scheduling System to Reduce No Show & Increase Revenue
Free your staff and office from the burdensome task of paper-based appointment process, which requires significant time and staff resources to properly manage and keeps your practice from running at its fullest potential. Online patient scheduling software has become the most effective means to manage dental or medical appointments. Not only does it provide advanced functionality to streamline the process and make it easy for your patients to schedule appointment, it can result in significant time and monetary savings. Investing in the right patient scheduling software is imperative in improving the appointment process. Solution21’s Patient Appointment Management System is a simple, affordable, powerful and efficient patient schedule management system designed for modern dentists and doctors. 

Manage Your Online Reputation to Build a Strong Online Presence 
Online health information, the Internet, social media and smart devices have created a new and empowered generation of patients. They search online and use physician reviews to choose their dentist or doctor. Given these stakes, you can’t afford to leave your online reputation to chance. Afterall, you have spent years building your practice and invested time, sweat and tears.  If you provide excellent service and your existing customers love you, but your practice is struggling because of negative reviews posted online about you or your services, then it's time you take charge and establish, manage and protect your online reputation. What patients say about your practice and services online has become the single most important reflection of your practice’s quality, reliability and skill. Solution21's automated Reputation Management System, which can be synced with Patient Appointment Management System, allows you to engage with your patients and provides effortless management of your online reputation. 

Showcase Your Practice on a Video to Stay Competitive
Optimized, professionally produced video is one of the number one factors in overall SEO for dental and medical practices. You are missing out on potential clients if you are not utilizing online video. Video enables you to accomplish multiple marketing objectives with one media, such as increase patient confidence and showcase your practice, services and team. Get more views from potential patients with Solution21's In-Office Video Production. We are partnered with professional videographers all over the country, which allows us to create optimized and professional in-office video for you no matter where your practice is located. 

Let Solution21 Help You Accomplish Your New Year's Resolutions
Solution21's web design, marketing services and products can help boost your practice online presence. For more information, contact a Solution21 web specialists at 949-336-7575 to discuss how we can help make your website work better and assist you in accomplishing your New Year's resolutions.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Top 5 Reasons to Redesign Your Practice Website

Solution21 - Dental and Medical Website Redesign
Dental and medical practices continuously change—new services, new staff or locations, new procedures and equipment. The same can be said of the Internet and web technology. What was cool and cutting-edge a few years ago may be obsolete today.

These days, your audience's first impression of your dental or medical practice is based almost entirely on your website. Website redesign can be daunting and requires time and money, but it’s enormously rewarding. A current and well-designed practice website is a great investment because it remains one of the founding elements of your marketing strategy.

While there are plenty of reasons to delay revamping your website, here are 5 good reasons why you should give your practice website a complete makeover now.

1. To Make it a Mobile-Friendly Using Responsive Design 
The number of people turning to mobile devices in search of dentists and doctors are growing by leaps and bounds. If your site is old and inaccessible from mobile devices and different browsers, you’re missing out on potential revenue from a new generation of tech-savvy patients.

2. To Stay Competitive
Dental and medical practice remains competitive, so standing out in the crowd should matter to you. If your competitors have updated their sites and you haven’t, it makes them look new and inviting, which can negatively impact your bottom line.

3. To Rebrand and Reflect a Modern Practice
Your online presence is looking tired, dated or stale; giving your visitors the impression your dental or medical practice is just as dated. Impart the right impression with your visitors by showing them how your practice is up-to-date with services, techniques, equipment and products. Rebrand and introduce a new logo, cleaner layout, fresh content and easy-to-read fonts to get your current patients excited and attract new patients.

4. To Incorporate Social Media
Social media sites give your practice an opportunity to engage and interact with your patients in a modern way. It’s about connecting directly with your community and earning the respect and recommendations of your patients.

5. To Improve Functionality and Usability
Website redesign is the way forward if you want to integrate blog, reviews and patient portal. This ensures that everything flows seamlessly throughout the site, without looking like the new features have been forced.

If it has been years since your website was last designed, it’s time to splurge on an upgrade. Choosing a company like Solution21 that specializes in custom medical and dental website design dental and medical website is crucial to the success of your website redesign. Call Solution21 at 949-336-7575 and our web specialists will discuss how we can help make your website work better and assist you in reaching your marketing goals.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

RCMA Forge Strategic Partnership With Solution21 to Transform Practice Online Presence for Members

RCMA - Solution21 Endorsement
Irvine, California and Riverside, California—October 22, 2014— Solution21 and the Riverside County Medical Association (RCMA) yesterday announced new partnership that teams the medical website design and online marketing strength and exceptional professional physician membership organization of each company to transform online presence and successfully drive practice growth to physician members of RCMA across Riverside County.

The landmark partnership aims to highlight the importance and impact of having a website and internet marketing on medical practice and spark online-led practice change. Solution21 and RCMA's shared vision for this partnership is to put in the hands of physician members the unique capabilities to harness their online presence with the company’s knowledge, experience and expertise. Specifically, the two groups are working together to deliver comprehensive website and marketing solutions:

The new partnership is built in an exclusive collaboration that draws on the distinct strengths of each company: Solution21's proven track record and local presence to provide the unique support that local medical practices requires, fused with RCMA's vast number of members practicing medicine throughout Riverside County. The partnership can transform specific aspects of how practices can leverage on their online presence to retain patients and attract new ones, allowing the physicians to achieve new levels of efficiency, effectiveness and patient satisfaction.

Saeid Marashi, a former Microsoft sales and channel executive and now Solution21's Vice President for Sales and Business Operations commented on the new partnership. "After careful evaluation Solution21's services, capabilities, and satisfied customers, we have been selected as the endorsed as website design and online marketing firm for RCMA's 1,000 members. As a market leader, Solution21 knows what it takes to create a successful online presence for our members, offering the highest quality for highly customized services at an excellent value, backed by unmatched customer support. We are honored by this endorsement and thrilled to offer our services to our members." 

With this new endorsement, Solution21 offers RCMA members a 10% discount on all services and 3 months of free hosting. 

About Solution21
Solution21 is a privately owned company based in Irvine, California, and is the leading provider of marketing services for the medical community. With over 10 years of experience, the company has built and maintains thousands of medical and dental websites, branding, marketing campaigns and social media services. Solution21 also offers a complete line of branding, including logo design, marketing collateral, targeted direct mail campaigns, custom advertisements, photography and video production.

About RCMA
Established in 1893, the RCMA is a professional association with over 1,000 physicians practicing medicine throughout Riverside County. Its mission is to help promote the science and art of medicine, the care and well-being of patients, the protection of the public health, and the betterment of the medical profession. The RCMA unites with other county societies in the State of California to form the California Medical Association.

To read more about RCMA endorsement of Solution21.

For more information regarding the new Solution21 website design and online marketing solutions, please visit www.solution21.com.

Press Contacts:
Victoria C.
(949) 556-9177

Friday, August 8, 2014

Google’s Pigeon Update: How Does It Affect Your Practice Website?

Very recently, Google rolled out a major algorithm update for local search, which has been dubbed the "Pigeon" update by Search Engine Land, industry's leading SEO resource. Google’s previous algorithm updates were highly focused on content and backlinks. This new update is aimed at local search results and we have been seeing huge shifts in the local rankings of our clients’ websites over the past few days and hurting the practices that don’t have any Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or SEO strategies in place.

To make sure you understand how this new update impacts your practice website, we've put up this short compilation to explain the Pigeon update and how it affects your rankings and how to adapt your practice to the changes.

Shorter Map Packs

The Effect: The most obvious effect of Google Pigeon update is the shorter map packs. We used to get as much as seven search results of practices or business close us. Now, we’re getting as little as two or three, sometimes none at all. Numerous websites have encountered a drop in their traffic; this is largely due to the disappearance of some local listings.

The Fix: The quick fix is to launch a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign to cover the traffic losses. The permanent fix is to focus on building a solid presence for your practice on leading local directories. Even if your potential patients are not able to find your practice on search lists, more of them can find you through local directory sites.

Exposure through Local Carousel 

The Effect: With the Pigeon update impacting the local listing packs, Google’s local carousel results remain unaffected. However, at the moment, carousel’s interactive display only affects searches for restaurants, hotels and bars. At Solution21, we think this will expand to cover healthcare services.

The Fix: It is important to local dental and medical practices to get active on Google+ so you don’t miss out on any opportunities to attract new patients.  Make sure your practice information is current, accurate and consistent and that you’re using high-quality photos because the carousel puts heavy emphasis on your listing’s image, rating and accuracy. Also, encourage your patients to put in a few good words online about you and your services on Google+ and other social sites such as Yelp, Angie’s List, etc.

Wider Geographic Area

The Effect: Before the Pigeon update, Google map pack would show you search results of dentists or doctors that were in your immediate geographical area.  The geographic location was tight and was centered on your zip code, displaying appropriate matches in as close as possible to your location. With the new algorithm update, the geographical search area is broader, covering a much larger local area. This makes it hard for dental or medical practices to rank or get found outside their location.

The Fix: To neutralize the impact of this new update on your practice online presence, your business listings throughout the internet’s directory listings and search engines must be accurate, up-to-date and consistent. Make sure you are listed in major, influential and relevant listings in your industry.

Promote Your Practice and Services

The Effect: Pigeon update has taken into account the fact that most mobile users don’t bother typing location on their searches anymore, allowing search engines to determine their location and provide the best results. As a result, we’re now seeing Google pick up the most important results from as far as the next town because the practices or businesses have strong SEM or SEO in place. This hurts practices that don't engage in either marketing or advertising.

The Fix: To neutralize the impact of this new update on your practice online presence and make sure you continue to leverage your online presence, you must start engaging in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). To attract potential patients within your own physical location and beyond, SEM can launch strategic and targeted ads aimed at specific locations and demographics. This remains one of the most cost-effective, efficient and measurable marketing strategies to help your practice rank and compete. 

We Can Help with Our SEM Services

Overwhelmed by the impact of Google’s new update on your practice? Let us help you with our SEM services and continue to attract new patients to your practice. Please call us at 949-336-7575 or send us an email and our web specialists will contact you. You can also visit our site's SEM page to know more about your options.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Plattsburgh, NY dental practice launches responsive website

Dr. Maria Szmigiel of Gentle Touch Family Dentistry is a leading cosmetic dentist in Plattsburgh, NY. She provides comprehensive restorative dentistry services and performs high-end cosmetic dental procedures. Dr. Szmigiel has an excellent reputation and her practice website ranks well for searches in her local area. Solution21, in partnership with Dr. Szmigiel, built a responsive website that will further enhance her reputation and promote her online visibility.

Gentle Touch Family Dentistry's responsive and expanded website includes in-depth information on key cosmetic dental procedures such as Invisalign, Lumineers, and teeth whitening. The new site also provides extensive information on sedation dentistry, which is an excellent alternative to a safe and anxiety-free dental experience for those who fear going to the dentist.

About Dr. Maria Szmigiel
Coming from a family of dentists, Dr. Szmigiel is committed to achieve excellence and help patients achieve optimum dental health. She graduated with honors from the prestigious Boston University Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry. Dr. Szmigiel also received certifications for Invisalign®, Lumineers™ and sedation dentistry. 

About Gentle Touch Family Dentistry
Located at 91 Hammond Lane, Plattsburgh, NY 12901, Gentle Touch Family Dentistry provides quality dental services to Plattsburgh community and the surrounding areas of Clinton and Essex counties. They offer a full range of preventive, aesthetic and restorative dentistry services, each designed to enhance your smile and achieve optimum dental health. In addition, Gentle Touch Family Dentistry places a strong emphasis on preventing dental disease and educating patients on the value of good oral health. The Gentle Touch Family Dentistry team is committed to providing a professional, relaxed atmosphere to maximize your well-being.

Gentle Touch Family Dentistry
91 Hammond Lane, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Tel: 518-324-5555

Fax: 518-324-5898

We can help
In business for more than 10 years now, Solution21 has developed powerful and effective marketing strategies for clients across multiple platforms. The company’s core competencies include custom website design and online marketing for dental and medical practices. For more information about Solution21, contact us or call us at 949-336-7575.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why Having a Mobile Website is Important to Your Practice

Solution21 dental and medical practice mobile website
More and more people are turning to their mobile devices to find their healthcare provider, so having a mobile website for your practice is crucial to your success and connecting to a growing number of patients on-the-go. At Solution21, we create a mobile website that provides seamless user experience, that is aligned to your main practice website design, to make sure your patients are one simple touch away from your practice and services all the time. 

Research reveal that 83% of American adults ages 18 and older own a mobile phone, 34% of which own smartphones. With so many smartphone owners, it is important for potential and existing patients that visit your website to see a website that is mobile friendly.

Mobile search is growing fast!
  • 90% of American adults have a cell phone
  • 90% of smartphone users have searched for local information
  • 67% of cell owners find themselves checking their phone for messages, alerts, or calls
  • 65% smartphone users read reviews on their phones
  • 34% of internet users go online using their phones
  • Internet access through mobile phones is overtaking desktop use
  • Mobile online search has grown four times
What are the advantages of having a mobile website?
  • One tap to calling
  • One tap to email and appointment request
  • One tap for map and directions
  • One tap to social networking
  • Quick access to information regarding your practice and services
  • Fast loading time
  • Easy navigation
What kind of patients are searching for dentists and doctors on their smart phone?
  • New or current patients on-the-go
  • New patients that work in an environment where desktop internet use is monitored
  • New patients in town on holiday or vacation
  • Seasonal patients– patients that may live in your area part time
How can this be a competitive advantage for me? 
  • Less than 1% of dental and medical practices have a mobile website.
  • Google positions mobile sites (with .mobi extensions) with priority above .com sites if the person searching is using their mobile phone.
  • Get ahead of the competition, especially in competitive/urban areas

How can I learn more?
Feel free to give Solution21 a call at 949-336-7575 to discuss mobile website for your practice.