Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Plattsburgh, NY dental practice launches responsive website

Dr. Maria Szmigiel of Gentle Touch Family Dentistry is a leading cosmetic dentist in Plattsburgh, NY. She provides comprehensive restorative dentistry services and performs high-end cosmetic dental procedures. Dr. Szmigiel has an excellent reputation and her practice website ranks well for searches in her local area. Solution21, in partnership with Dr. Szmigiel, built a responsive website that will further enhance her reputation and promote her online visibility.

Gentle Touch Family Dentistry's responsive and expanded website includes in-depth information on key cosmetic dental procedures such as Invisalign, Lumineers, and teeth whitening. The new site also provides extensive information on sedation dentistry, which is an excellent alternative to a safe and anxiety-free dental experience for those who fear going to the dentist.

About Dr. Maria Szmigiel
Coming from a family of dentists, Dr. Szmigiel is committed to achieve excellence and help patients achieve optimum dental health. She graduated with honors from the prestigious Boston University Goldman School of Graduate Dentistry. Dr. Szmigiel also received certifications for Invisalign®, Lumineers™ and sedation dentistry. 

About Gentle Touch Family Dentistry
Located at 91 Hammond Lane, Plattsburgh, NY 12901, Gentle Touch Family Dentistry provides quality dental services to Plattsburgh community and the surrounding areas of Clinton and Essex counties. They offer a full range of preventive, aesthetic and restorative dentistry services, each designed to enhance your smile and achieve optimum dental health. In addition, Gentle Touch Family Dentistry places a strong emphasis on preventing dental disease and educating patients on the value of good oral health. The Gentle Touch Family Dentistry team is committed to providing a professional, relaxed atmosphere to maximize your well-being.

Gentle Touch Family Dentistry
91 Hammond Lane, Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Tel: 518-324-5555

Fax: 518-324-5898

We can help
In business for more than 10 years now, Solution21 has developed powerful and effective marketing strategies for clients across multiple platforms. The company’s core competencies include custom website design and online marketing for dental and medical practices. For more information about Solution21, contact us or call us at 949-336-7575.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Why Having a Mobile Website is Important to Your Practice

Solution21 dental and medical practice mobile website
More and more people are turning to their mobile devices to find their healthcare provider, so having a mobile website for your practice is crucial to your success and connecting to a growing number of patients on-the-go. At Solution21, we create a mobile website that provides seamless user experience, that is aligned to your main practice website design, to make sure your patients are one simple touch away from your practice and services all the time. 

Research reveal that 83% of American adults ages 18 and older own a mobile phone, 34% of which own smartphones. With so many smartphone owners, it is important for potential and existing patients that visit your website to see a website that is mobile friendly.

Mobile search is growing fast!
  • 90% of American adults have a cell phone
  • 90% of smartphone users have searched for local information
  • 67% of cell owners find themselves checking their phone for messages, alerts, or calls
  • 65% smartphone users read reviews on their phones
  • 34% of internet users go online using their phones
  • Internet access through mobile phones is overtaking desktop use
  • Mobile online search has grown four times
What are the advantages of having a mobile website?
  • One tap to calling
  • One tap to email and appointment request
  • One tap for map and directions
  • One tap to social networking
  • Quick access to information regarding your practice and services
  • Fast loading time
  • Easy navigation
What kind of patients are searching for dentists and doctors on their smart phone?
  • New or current patients on-the-go
  • New patients that work in an environment where desktop internet use is monitored
  • New patients in town on holiday or vacation
  • Seasonal patients– patients that may live in your area part time
How can this be a competitive advantage for me? 
  • Less than 1% of dental and medical practices have a mobile website.
  • Google positions mobile sites (with .mobi extensions) with priority above .com sites if the person searching is using their mobile phone.
  • Get ahead of the competition, especially in competitive/urban areas

How can I learn more?
Feel free to give Solution21 a call at 949-336-7575 to discuss mobile website for your practice.

Monday, May 26, 2014

7 Secrets for Growing Your Medical or Dental Practice

Growing your practice is of the utmost importance. Why be complacent with where you are? Growing your practice is a continuous effort that takes time and dedication. Here are a few secrets to growing your dental or medical practice that, if employed, will help immensely:

1. Office Automation

Automating your office makes your patient’s experience more streamlined and hassle-free. Less waiting and less confusion through the implementation of automation is a win-win for both you and your patients.

2. Embrace New Medical or Dental Technology

This is one of the most important secrets to growing your dental or medical practice. New technology is arguably the most effective way of letting potential patients know that you are keeping up with the times. Having up-to-date equipment means that you are committed to providing the highest quality service.

3. Referral Program

Referral programs incentivize recommendations for your patients. By giving rewards for recommending new patients, you are both gaining new clientele and ensuring a high retention rate for your current patient.

4. Connect with Patients Through Blogging

As with most businesses, the likelihood of you having a website is very high. However, many sites lack having a blog on their site which is proving more and more fruitful for businesses to have. Keeping your patients in the loop through blogging makes them feel like a member of the family. Making them feel involved lets them know you value their business and their opinions.

5. Personalized and Genuine Customer Service

Customer service is the most important thing provided by any business. No one wants to patronize a business where the employees don’t go the extra mile. Going above and beyond will help you set yourself apart from everyone else. Help your employees master customer service through providing them with resources like online trainings.

6. Community Involvement

Getting involved in the community is an effective way of letting people know about your practice. Sponsoring events or sports teams gets your name circulating and lets potential patients know that you care about helping others.

7. Renovate or Relocate Office

Giving your office a “face lift” can create a soothing atmosphere that gives your patients the peace of mind they desire. Optimizing your space in order to make it more friendly and welcoming to your patients will make a difference in how people see your practice.

By employing these secrets to growing your dental or medical practice, you are setting yourself up for incredible success. Taking these steps shows your potential patients that you will do anything and everything to make them happy.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Regulating and Responding to Patient Feedback Online

Social media is everywhere today, and many medical and dental practices are trying to figure out the right balance to use this tool for marketing and promotion. At the same time, social media can also be a way for patients to review and send feedback about a business or practice—both positive and negative. Here are some tips to manage you social media presence, avoid the detrimental effects of negative feedback, and ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your online presence.

How Social Media Benefits Patients & Practitioners

Social media is a powerful tool for connecting people, taking word-of-mouth advertising to a new level. It allows people to solicit and share feedback with friends, family, and colleagues about consumer experiences. For patients, social media also offers a direct connection to your practice so they can stay updated with what is happening, and a well-executed marketing plan keeps your practice at the top of patients’ minds so they visit and recommend you for dental or medical care.

Minimizing Negative Reviews and Feedback

While the internet can be a great place for customers to find you, it can also be a place where people go to broadcast negative experiences. Here are some tips for combating negative reviews and building and maintaining a positive online presence: 
Develop your brand early and often by posting content that positions you as an expert in your field.
Encourage satisfied patients to post positive reviews. 
Offer a way for patients to share their feedback with you privately, and be responsive by correcting potential problems quickly.
Monitor online mentions of your practice using Google alerts so you can find out about negative reviews right away. 
Be proactive by responding to patients’ questions and comments on social media to build a loyal patient base.

Being proactive with your social media presence can help you minimize negative information and establish a positive reputation with current and future patients.

We Can Help Manage Your Social Media

Managing social media requires time, skills and manpower. Solution21 offers custom social media and marketing solutions. Please call us at 949-336-7575 or send us an email and our web specialists will contact you.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Impact of Net Neutrality on Your Dental or Medical Practice

Internet service providers (ISPs) can now charge extra to ensure that businesses have a speedy internet that runs smoothly— a sort of “tiered” system with a fast lane and a slow lane.

Net Neutrality: What it is, and How it Affects your Practice

Simply put, net neutrality is a network design paradigm that argues for broadband network providers to be completely detached from what information is sent over their networks.

Since the internet was first widely available, we have seen it grow and expand tremendously, often without very many rules or regulations. The ability to view and read articles, watch patient education videos, listen to podcasts, search, and send email have long been taken for granted based on “network neutrality,” a guiding principle that preserved an open and transparent internet for all content and all websites equally.

The Future of Your Website

With these changes coming, it’s important to take a look at your website and figure out how it might be affected. If you choose not to pay the fee for upgraded service, here are some tips to optimize your site: 
Avoid graphics-heavy content, such as Flash, or large photos that will load slowly.
Keep patient education videos short, and use lower resolution for faster loading times. 
Build websites that have a mix of text and video content, with smaller video files and smaller photo files so the site continues to load quickly. Adding more text can help portions of the page load quickly so potential patients will not get frustrated and surf away from your site.

The internet is a constantly changing medium, and it’s important to continue to adapt to maximize the way consumers can find and use information from your site.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

This Should Matter to Your Medical or Dental Practice: Senior Citizens Internet Use on the Rise

Most dental and medical practices know that social media and online marketing are effective for reaching young consumers, but today they are increasingly effective tools for reaching out to seniors (age 65 and older) as well.  

What the Research Shows

The Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project tracking surveys have mapped internet usage since 2005, and in 2013 they showed a surprising trend of senior citizens getting online. Some of the report’s key findings include: 

  • Usage of social network sites by seniors has tripled in the last four years from 13 to 43 percent. In 2005 just 1 percent of seniors were online.
  • More than 7 in 10 American adults use social networking, which is up from 8 percent in 2005.
  • Facebook and YouTube remain more popular among seniors than Twitter— Twitter usage for 65+ consumers has only increased 1 percent since 2010.
  • Women use social media at a higher rate than men across all age groups.

Adjusting Your Online Strategy for Seniors 

With more seniors online than ever before, it’s important to make some adjustments to your medical or dental practice website to cater to accommodate the growing number of senior citizens going online. This trend will likely continue, so developing a senior-friendly website now is critical for future your success.

  • Organize your website so it is clear and easy to read. 
  • Use a bright background (preferably white) with dark text. 
  • Use larger text or offer the option to increase font size on your website.
  • Display your contact information clearly on all your website and social media pages. 
  • Use videos and pictures to keep your website visually interesting and informative for people of all ages.
  • Write blog posts and post information on social media sites that is catered specifically to the health concerns of senior citizens.
  • Build a mobile-friendly site for seniors using the web on tablets and smartphones.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to market to a huge group of people that have significant health needs—develop a senior-friendly web and social media presence today.

We Can Help You Build a Senior-Friendly Website

Let Solution21 help you build a website that ! We can plan an organized and effective social media strategy to get potential clients interested in your services! Contact a Representative to learn more.  .

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Advanced SEO to Optimize Your Practice Website

To accommodate the rising number of patients searching for their physician or dentist online prior to booking an appointment, your practice needs two important things: a high-performing website and your searchability.

Using the best practices for search engine optimization (SEO) when creating content for your website is a sure-fire way to raise your organic ranking so your potential patients can find you on top of the search list— the key element in bringing in new revenue-generating patients. Optimizing your practice website is an exciting way to bring your practice into the modern world.

SEO Key Factors

Combining all the factors below will help determine how search engines rank your website among your competitors. Be sure to build on your online presence with SEO in mind.

Content- the actual words or text on your site

HTML- the programming language used to build the site
Architecture- refers to structure, while considering the way users interact with your site and the content search engines use to crawl your pages
Link Building- a comprehensive tactic that involves linking to and from reputable websites
Location- important if your practice is focused on the local market, best to incorporate your location into your content to help narrow it down

SEO Best Practices

Strategic placement of key terms throughout content- The key words/phrases you want to appear in response to searches should be used occasionally in the text on your website. Using a keyword once per 100 words is a safe rule to follow.

Keyword research and analysis- Find out exactly what terms are your potential patients looking for before creating your content. Through Google Adwords Keyword Tool, you can determine what people are search for online, including volume and geographic area.
Hyper-localize search terms- If you’re located in highly-competitive area like Boston, you need to engage in more Advanced SEO to compete for the top ranks in search results. It’s much easier to rank higher in a community-based searches, like “pediatric dentistry West Roxbury" or "cosmetic surgeon Irvine".
Keep an active blog- Discuss topics relevant to your practice through your blog, giving your more room to use varied search terms. By regularly creating content on your blog with inblund links, your practice will appear in relevant search terms.

SEO Practice to Avoid

Keyword stuffing- Avoid using excessive keywords within your text. You will actually get you penalized by Google and placed further down in search rankings.
Getting too visual- Having too many photos and graphic arts on your site may look nice, but it can slow your website down, specially if the visual elements are not optimized for web use. A slow loading time will turn off your visitors, eventually negatively affecting your site’s search rankings.Poorly-written content- Creating quality content with SEO requires skills and experience. If your potential patients visits your site and finds useless or hard to understand information, it’s highly likely for them to turn to your competitors for their medical or dental care.
Main SEO Benefits

Branding Opportunities- As anyone in marketing will tell you, branding is what sets you apart from everyone else. Advanced SEO allows you to couple this branding with increasing the visibility of your practice. By having targeted SEO content, you are making sure that your practice shows up in search results in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines for related keywords. The higher the quality of your SEO content associated with your practice, the higher the probability your practice’s website will rank on the first page of search engines, resulting in higher visibility to potential clients.

Insight into Customers- 
Why optimize your dental or medical practice with SEO? To help you understand your patients. Using an SEO checklist shows you the best ways to track search results and website hits, allowing you to see what your patients are most interested in. This means that you will be able to see what people want so you can adjust your practice accordingly. SEO makes it easier to know what your patients are looking for and what they want from you.

Brings Traffic to Your Business- SEO brings traffic to your website. Having more traffic increases the likelihood of someone patronizing your practice. A good SEO allows your potential clients to see exactly what you are all about and what you most want them to understand about your practice. Having this customizable content at your fingertips can be an incredibly buoy to your practice.

Optimization, if done correctly and professionally, directs traffic to your website and to your practice or business. Having more web traffic increases the likelihood of someone visiting your practice. A good SEO allows your potential patients to see exactly what you are all about, the services you provide and what you most want them to understand about your practice. Having this customizable content at your fingertips can be an incredible plus to your practice.

Get  Professional SEO Help

We can put together a customized Advanced SEO strategies to get your prospective patients interested in your medical or dental services. Contact Solution21 SEO specialists at 949-336-7575 for more information.