Thursday, April 10, 2014

Oshawa's most awarded dentist Dr. Frank Gold launches website redesign

Dr. Frank Gold, the multi-awarded Oshawa dentist, is proud to announce the launch of the newly-redesigned The expanded website includes in-depth information on key dental procedures such as dental implant, cosmetic family dentistry. Displaying his commitment to patient care and comfort, the site emphasizes how Dr. Gold incorporates new technology and industry trends into the dental care of his patients.

Dr. Gold's Source Dental, one of Oshawa's largest dental practices, is located in Durham region's largest shopping mall, the Oshawa Centre. It is a state-of-the-art full-service dental office which provides a wide range of dental procedures including same-day porcelain CEREC crown, same-day emergency treatment, Invisalign® teeth aligning, sleep apnea treatment and snoring appliances. Located inside the Oshawa Centre, the largest mall in the Durham region, Source Dental has been serving the Oshawa community and surrounding areas for nearly 10 years. The practice reflects a decade of tradition of providing quality dental care, while also incorporating new technology and industry trends. Dr. Gold helps patients maintain and improve healthy smiles through a range of services tailored to their individual needs and goals.

The new website was designed by Solution21. In business for more than 10 years now, Solution21 has developed powerful and effective marketing strategies for clients across multiple platforms. The company’s core competencies include strategic planning and consulting; creative services; and online marketing for local and international clients. For more information about Solution21, email us at or call 949-336-7575.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Dr. Nabeel M. Rahman, DDS Launches New Website for Chesapeake Dental Practice

Chesapeake, Virginia's third most populous city, has a new dental office to serve dental patients. Dr. Nabeel M. Rahman, DDS has launched a completely new website, in partnership with Solution21, Inc. The new website provides a better user experience for his current and prospective dental patients.

Dr. Rahman's new website features a wealth of information for dental patients in Chesapeake who are considering dental implants, cosmetic dentistry or teeth whitening, to name a few. The site have all the information to help educate patients about dental procedures, such as root canal treatment, veneers and laminates and more. They can also get to know more about Dr. Rahman by reading through his biographical information here.

The new website also features a comprehensive smile gallery with before and after dental treatment photos. It also features section with testimonials from Dr. Rahman's happy and satisfied dental patients, giving prospective patients a glimpse into the kind of dental care experience one can expect from Dr. Rahman’s  practice. Lastly, website visitors can conveniently schedule an appointment online to take the next step in their oral health care. Dr. Rahman hopes that these changes will help attract more patients to his friendly and caring dental practice in Chesapeake.

More about Dr. Nabeel M. Rahman

Dr. Nabeel Rahman is a board certified dental surgeon who has been practicing in Chesapeake. Active member of numerous study clubs in Chesapeake, Dr. Rahman attended various symposiums and world congress meetings related to implant dentistry. Apart from being skilled at implant dentistry, Dr. Rahman also provides other dental procedures including crowns and veneers, periodontics, dentures and veneers. To learn more, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, call his practice today at 757-547-2323.

Dr. Nabeel M. Rahman, DDS
109 Gainsborough Square, Suite N
Chesapeake, VA 23320
Phone: 757-547-2323

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Improve Patient Care with Secure Online Forms

Streamline your patient patient office visit, increase staff productivity and improve your health care with Solution21 Secure Forms. Because it saves you and your patients time, it also it leads to more efficient collection, higher-quality and assessment of data. 

The average time patients lose in filling paper-based forms in your office is 20 minutes, not counting typographical errors and forgotten information. Enable your patients to fill out secure and HIPAA compliant patient registration and medical history forms through your website before their scheduled appointment. Most patients like being able to do these forms at their leisure.

Despite some physicians' reservations, over 90 percent of patients are able to fill out forms online1, regarless of age or computer background. Patient-entered information have proven to be more effective. Afterall, they are the most interested in providing accurate and thorough health history.

4 Reasons your patients should pre-register with Solution21 secure forms

  1. Immediate results and positive return on investment. By having your patients use Solution21 secure forms, you save your practice and office valuable time and money by reducing use of valuable staff time and resources in preparing charts and records.
  2. Solution21 secure forms are HIPAA compliant. Following strict HIPAA guidelines, our forms are tested to securely and safely transfer information from your patients to your office for data management.
  3. Professional and highly customizable. Reflect your brand on your forms for a more professional look and brand consistency.
  4. One-time data entry and easy patient record retrieval. Solution21 secure forms means digital data integration with your system for medical histories completed online, treatment authorizations, informed consents and fees and payments. Eliminating the need to re-enter information from paper to your system. Retrieval of patient records for subsequent visits is easier.
  5. Patient convenience. By having a custom Solution21 secure forms available on your practice website,  patients can conveniently take their time in filling out the forms in the comfort of their homes and submit ahead of their visit. This reduces their waiting in your office. And this allows you more time to make unhurried assessment and plan for their care.

Solution21 Secure Forms makes putting your patient forms online and complying with HIPAA extremely easy. Everything is digital, secure, and all in one place.

Solution21 Secure Forms are developed by Solution21 internally. Solution21 does not outsource development and all its operations, including hosting and customer support, are fully based in the U.S. For more information on Solution21 Secure Forms, please email our representatives at or call 949-336-7575.

1. Slack WV, Leviton A, Bennett SE, Fleischmann KH, Lawrence RS. Relation between age, education, and time to     respond to questions in a computer-based medical interview. Comput Biomed Res. 1988;21:78–84.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Low-Effort Customer Support: Key to Success

Solution21 low effort customer support
There are many website design companies out there, but there's only a few that offer unlimited customer support with their hosting package. At Solution21, we understand what exceptional customer service is about-- it’s about helping you manage your website so you can stay focused on your practice.

Being focused on your practice promotes customer satisfaction and customer satisfaction is directly linked to your practice revenue. Advertising may win us new customers, but it's the quality of our service that will keep them.

What drives a successful business?

Simple. Low-effort or low-barrier customer support. Customers choose to continually do business with a company based on the quality of service they receive– not just the products or packages they sell. Solution21 Customer Support, ranked for fast response time and quality of customer service, implements a low effort or low-barrier approach to fulfill the customer’s needs. It is quickly becoming the key to business differentiation. Low effort or low-barrier is basically how easy it is for a customer to have that stellar service experience, which puts a company top of mind for the next purchase.

A survey by Avaya, a global business solutions provider, cited that more than eight-in-ten U.S. adults say they would likely stop spending money with a company as a result of a bad customer experience— that's eight-in-ten. What's more insightful is that over half of U.S adult consumers admitted they would be willing to spend extra for exceptional customer service.

What is covered by your unlimited customer support?

To make it easy for customer to reach us for customer support, Solution21 offers different channels customer can use to contact support, through email and by calling the hotline, 949-336-1889.The hotline was set up to make it quicker for customers to reach a live service representative.

As part of the hosting fee, all Solution21 clients receive unlimited customer support. Solution21 Customer Support consists of all the help you need to keep your website current, freeing you to make focus and make the most out of your practice. This includes content (text and photo) update, new promotions, Web Mail and Solution21 website-specific technical support.

The average turnaround time for delivering results is three to five business days. However, if there's a big volume of work, the wait can stretch up to five business days.

For VIP clients, Solution21 Customer Support offers VIPs get the perks of fast-track delivery and guaranteed priority service within two working days.

What is not covered by your customer support?

Solution21 Customer Support don't cover client-side computer issues such as browser updates, internet outtages, Third party email software issues, such as Outlook and Gmail These are not Solution21 products and therefore not covered by Customer Support. Please contact an IT specialist or email software support to help you address these issues.

What Solution21 clients say about our Customer Support

Here are few of the customer feedback from Solution21 clients who take advantage of the unlimited customer support:

  • "The service is great. It's the first time I have been offered this unlimited customer support in all the years that I have had a website. It makes managing  my website so much easier and hassle free." — Dr. Paul N.
  • "We think your service is excellent. I called one time to ask about my website and the explanation by your agent was fast and accurate. I plan to continue using your services." — Dr. Harold S.
  • "I am impressed at the level of customer support I get from you. You addressed our concern on time. We intend to continue working with Solution21." — Dr.  Martha A.
Solution21 Customer Support main mission

That is to make managing your practice easier for you! Leading dentists, surgeons, health professionals, clinics and institutions trust Solution21 Customer Support representatives to help manage their website every day. Our representatives are knowledgeable and equipped with information on customers and past interactions and website issues. They are highly trained to to address technical questions and to follow-up on issues appropriately. Solution21 Customer Support team works hard to earn customers' trust, providing you with unprecedented service and peace of mind.

Are you taking advantage of Solution21 unlimited customer support service? Contact or call 949-336-1889 if you need help with your Solution21 website.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Photos to Post on Your Social Media

With social media, it's all about the photos. Top image sharing sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Vine are proof of this.  Leading internet marketing agency, Hubspot, recently revealed a study that says photos on Facebook produce 53 percent more Likes than a text message post. Your dental practice needs exposure and you can do this by engaging in social media and posting great images.

Here are 5 photos your social media followers want to see:

This is a guaranteed to be liked and shared. Obtain permission and post pictures of your patients on social media, preferably of them smiling after the treatment. In this day and age of selfies, who wouldn't love to see pictures of ourselves and our children with perfect smiles on the website. This is proves to your patients that you are their number 1 fan and that you care about their smiles.

Yourself and your team
Patients will more likely stay loyal to their dentist or doctor who takes time to pose with the staff and post their photo on social media. Your patients are sure to keep coming to your office if show that you and your staff are sociable and likable.

Equipment and technology
While dentistry and dentists may be a common sight, the same cannot be said of dental equipment. There are some amazing dental technology that have been invented to make trips to dental office less painful and these are worth sharing on social media. It will help educate your patients, ease their fears and highlight your dental expertise by discussing some the tools you have and how they are used. You will be surprised at how many patients are interested in advancements in dental technology.

Special moments
Posting photos of special moments that patients don't normally have a chance to see make your social media followers feel as if they belong to a family and that they are part of your group in a special way. Special events such as birthdays, events and celebrations, or of your pets, are all worth capturing and shared on social media.

Outside the office
People, be they patients or not, are always fascinated to see professionals as real people with real interests and hobbies or activities. Share photos of your hobbies, vacations, charity work and anything you think that will help people trust you  with their health. Remember, if patients feel like they know you or connect with you, they are more likely to stay loyal to your practice. Some might think this is too personal, but social media is personal. Your followers are your patients and your patients are people.

Too busy to manage your practice social media needs? Let Solution21 help! We can plan an organized and effective social media strategy for your practice to keep your patients engaged and to get potential clients interested in your services. Contact a Solution21 social media specialist at 949-336-7575 or email to learn more.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Spreading the Good News About Your Practice with Press Releases

Although you are a doctor first, your medical practice is a business. In order to sustain that business, you must market it so that you can spread the good news about your medical services. One of the best ways to market yourself is with a press release. A successful press release relies on two factors: writing and distribution.

Press releases must be expertly written to convey the news or information about your practice in the most interesting and valuable way. Additionally, your press release must reach the right audience. Highly effective press release distribution is all about targeting the right audience, media outlets (such as Dental Tribune), people and reporters, as well as key bloggers, influencers and decision makers.

Here is a list of why press release is important to your practice:

Instant exposure
As soon as you send a press release out, you gain instant exposure. With press release that is optimized, news about your practice will show up on news sites, giving your practice access to an audience you could not reach on your own.

Defining your brand
In order for people to truly take note of your dental or medical practice, you must create a well defined brand that they can identify with. Whether you already have a strong brand, or are looking to establish a brand identity, a press release can help you along.

Gossip on your terms
As your brand grows, people will talk about your practice no matter what. With a press release, you gain the opportunity to dictate the tone and direction of the conversation. Since you can choose to focus on the positives, even directly address the negatives, you have better control of the conversation altogether. It gives a lot of opportunities for your practice to shine.

More inbound linkback opportunities
The internet inbound linking and linkback remains one of the best ways to grow your internet presence and optimize your practice's website for a better ranking on the search engine result list. When you create a press release, you can add a link to your medical practice's website so that every time that your press release is posted somewhere, you website receives another linkback.

Rapid internet traffic spike
A well optimized press release will stand at the forefront of news related to your industry for weeks on end. As long as this is the case, you will see an exponential spike in web traffic to your medical practice's site. This means more opportunities to gain more patients. Although this spike in web traffic is temporary, it will have the residual effect of creating a long-term traffic increase.

Create a high quality press release to market your practice soon!
At Solution21, we take pride in making our clients’ practice easier by handling all your practice press release needs. After consultation with you, we craft an engaging, professional press release that highlights what is most appealing and attractive about your practice news.  Then we send your news out to the right media channels, ensuring that you receive optimal results.

Whatever your press release writing and distribution needs may be, we can help. Contact our a Solution21 internet marketing expert today through email at or phone 949-336-7575 to discuss more about press release.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Win the Hearts and Minds of Your Patients and Keep Them for Life

In this environment of stiff competition, where dentists or doctors are fighting for better online traffic, it can be highly challenging to keep patient or win new patients and grow your dental or medical practice. So how do you differentiate yourself from the rest of the crowd?

The big differentiating factor is your customer service. It's what will help you thrive in such a competitive market. Here, we compiled a list of 5 Customer Service Tips to help you and your dental or medical staff.

Fish for positive reviews
There are numerous avenues for your tech-savvy patients to post online reviews of dentists and doctors. There's ZocDoc, Yelp, Rateadentist, Healthgrades, Angie’s List, etc. Actively seek out positive reviews by encouraging your patients to go on one of these sites to post share their wonderful experience at your office. Remember, it is these very same reviews pages that prospective patients check out before deciding to avail of your services, so make an effort to regularly monitor what your patients say about you on these review sites.

Don't panic if you find some negative comments in your reviews. The first thing you need to do is understand what the complaint is about, see if your other patients are commenting on the same issue, listen hard and perhaps you will find that it's a valid concern that needs to be addressed, helping improve your services.

Get help from new technology
Impress your patients, starting with a dental or medical website that is both stunning and highly functional, and they will be talking about your practice with friends and families. You know by now how word-of-mouth is good for your practice. Nowadays, most patients seek dentists and doctors with offices that are technologically connected. In healthcare, technology means less paperwork, less waiting time, less invasive procedures and less pain!

Patient portals can give patients access to their lab results without having to call or come in the office to collect results. Online appointment or contact forms can save time for your patients and your employees. A report by the Internet Journal of Healthcare Administration revealed that message appointment reminders reduced patient no-shows by about 36 percent.

Survey your patients
Regularly surveying your patients two to three times a year should be a key part of your efforts to win over your patients and keep them for life. This allows for enough time to analyze the data and to work on the improvements to help you perform better for your patients. Separate your questions about your performance as healthcare provider and your office so that you can assess the information accordingly.

Educate your patients
Empower your patients with the right information by explaining procedures fully and completely. This is where resources , such as our Patient Education Videos, discussing conditions and procedures are important to help them get prepared. The more the patients understand, the less anxious they will be about their treatment. 

Achieve a balanced atmosphere
Maintain a balanced atmosphere in the office— friendly, professional and strict. Greet your patient as soon as they walk into your office with a pleasant greeting and a smile. Ask them how their day is coming along, ask about their families and their pets or work. Never leave the front desk vacant, and always assist the patients as if they are your number one priority.  Be a little more personal by standing up to talk to the patient to have an eye to eye contact.

When patients refuse or fail to pay, don’t brush it under the carpet nor confront or offend them. Instead, kindly remind them of the practice policies. If a patient is perennially late for appointments, gently discuss how it effects your practice. Build a trusting relationship with your patients and they will likely to return and stay loyal to you and your practice.

At Solution21, we’d like our clients to get ahead of the competition with great websites and exceptional customer service. Is there anything we missed? Write us and give us your feedback here or by calling us at 888-423-9235!